Arthroscopic Knee Procedures

As a weight bearing joint with many motion direction, the knee joint is so subject to both degenerative and traumatic processes that can produce very painful conditions and dramatic functional deficits.
Today, more so than ever, most conditions about the knee can be addressed with outpatient arthroscopic surgical procedures. These procedures with rapid convalescence, minimal discomfort and almost no visible scarring allow us to take out torn cartilage and in many different cases help to replace, reconstruct or stimulate healing of degenerative joint surfaces. There are also many indications for arthroscopic procedures that can delay or lessen the need for more invasive procedures such as joint replacement technology. New technology allows us to transplant joint surface for focal areas of premature joint wear and in many different cases torn cartilages can be addressed with repair to preserve natural function and healing tissue. Complete ligament reconstructions can be undertaken arthroscopically as an outpatient to help deal with severely traumatized knees and instability.
Although not an arthroscopic procedure, there are new advances in joint reconstruction technology that might make total knee replacement unnecessary for many people with significant problems. New advances in the area of joint replacement from growth of cartilage cells which stimulate the formation of a new joint surface in a traumatized joint are presently available and are being undertaken in the offices of Dr. Jeffrey Katzel